In the Savant Hosting web hosting control panel you’ll discover an easy to navigate website creation tool that you can use to produce a new, super cool site yourself. It’s very plain to learn, even if you are not technologically versed. The builder features a variety of design templates found in numerous color variations that you could edit to your liking. Last but not least, your website will look flawless across phones, tablets and computers!

The website creation tool is offered with all Linux cloud web hosting plans, VPS servers, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and Linux dedicated web hosting plans packages which are combined with the Savant Hosting Site Control Panel.

A simple to operate website creation tool

No programming expertise is necessary

The key feature of the Savant Hosting’s website creation tool is that it is very easy to get the hang of. It works with layout elements which you can add, customize and re–order the way you like. Anytime, you can add photos and videos, set up a blog, or install a forum on your site, all with a mouse click.

You can do all that and create a cool site without ever having to type a line of PHP, HTML or MySQL, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A collection of easy–to–customize site templates

Stylish website themes that look great on mobile phones

Using the website creation tool, you’ll have access to a set of cost–free site themes for all types of websites such as individual pages, ecommerce stores, discussion forums, and so on.

Each website theme can be found in different layout schemes and supports a variety of color setups. Also, you will have access to a big library of pre–made photos and will have the opportunity to select from more than a hundred different fonts for your website. Each theme is fully optimized for mobile devices. If you want to substitute a given template, you’ll be able to do that with only a click. All of the pages and tweaks you’ve completed will be saved.

A collection of easy–to–customize site templates