When using the Domain Name Manager incorporated in the Site Control Panel, it is possible to deal with all of your domain names with ease, from the exact same location you handle your sites. Furthermore, our Domain Name Manager is full of all the tools you will need to proficiently handle every aspect of your domain names.

Multiple Domain

Modify Whois, name servers, custom DNS

Irrespective of how many domains you will have, you’re able to manage each of them with a mouse click in the Savant Hosting Domain Name Manager! You’re able to manage the WHOIS details, alter the name servers as well as integrate custom DNS records to as many domains as you desire straight from your Site Control Panel.

Using the Domain Name Manager, you will have direct access to the files of your respective domains and you will be in a position to revise the bundled mail accounts also. In addition, it will be possible to keep track of the web statistics for every one of your domains. The bulk option will allow you to register as well as renew many domains at a time.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Manage various DNS records

Within the Site Control Panel, one can find a solution to set numerous DNS records for your personal domains. You can point your domain names to external web servers by using A or AAAA records, make use of 3rd party mail web servers by way of MX records, put together domain redirection together with CNAME records, enable support for added services with the help of TXT records, etc. You can easily customize the configured DNS records and revert them to their normal values with a click.

Further than the specialized DNS records, you could also register name servers which can be in accordance with your web address. Consequently all of your current customers will see your brand, as a substitute for our universal name servers, whenever they complete a WHOIS search.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park unlimited number of domains

If you like a domain however do not possess a web site for it still, it is possible to register it and park it until finally your website is good to go on the internet. Domain Parking enables you to have appealing domain names and put them on the internet through the help of default webpages developed by our system. You can make a choice between an ’Under Construction’ webpage or a "for sale" web page. Or, you’re able to momentarily point the domain to an alternative web site.

The moment the web site for your domain is ready, you unpark your domain name with a click of the mouse and your web site will become on the internet instantaneously!

Hepsia File Manager